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Know our city If you can know more about our city...

Know our city

If you can know more about our city...


'Environmental route

Rubí borders on the north with the mountains Serra de l’Oleguera and Serra de Can Piquer, on the east with the Serra Can Guilera and part of the natural corridor of Collserola - Sant Llorenç del Munt goes through.
Our town has significant parks and green spaces, such as Ca n'Oriol, Peace and Nature Parks or the Torrent dels Alous, and countless trails and routes along its natural surroundings....'

'Heritage Industrial

By the end of the eighteenth century there are small activities that could be qualified as industrial, such as the textile activity in Can Xercavins or the flour mills in the Castell and the Bastida. The first real factory in Rubí is Verneda d’en Carreras, settled there in 1824, devoted to wool washing and carding.

In the nineteenth century we can speak about an industrial Rubí, although the greatest growth has been in the last 50 years, after the Rierada in 1962, when there was a boom which made the village grow, not only industrially, but also demographically....'     [+]

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