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Looking for european partners

Rubí is looking for European partners to exchange experiences, best practices and networking between cities and industries to develop a professional partnership in the framework of the project.

The project 'Rubí brilla', is a working plan to improve the competitiveness of Rubí's industrial sector through the promotion, support and development of efficient and renewable energy solutions.

The main aim of the city is to become a national and international world-class referent in energy efficiency and renewable energy and to extend the ideas of the Covenant of Mayors to the industrial sector, as a main factor for improving competitiveness and a sustainable environment.

The desired partner profile are cities with similar size, preferably industrial ones, and with a high level of commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as local authorities or entities willing to share experiences and bring an important added value to the project. We are looking for a long term partnership to ensure project capitalization, and we are also interested in visiting cities to do networking.

The main European funding options that we would take take into account could be Intelligent Energy Europe programme, INTERREG or the 7th Framework Programme. We are open to further discussions once we have developed a partnership.

Please find below a document in English providing full details and a presentation of the project and Rubí.

We kindly ask you to take direct contact to us.

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